Love Letter to the BIG GUY

Dear Lord,

I don’t even know where to begin because saying thanks isn’t enough. I know I always talk to you in my prayers and this should be easy because it should just be like praying. But my heart is so overwhelmed that I don’t even know where to start. I just want to let the whole world know (and my not-so-many readers) of your goodness. I feel like shouting at the top of my lungs just to glorify you and use up all my voice just singing praises all day. Now, as I type this, I can’t help but cry because I feel so undeserving of all the blessings you’ve been showering me with, particularly the recent one you gave me. It is so overwhelming to feel that amazing kind of love, so complete and comforting, that it makes me so content.

Even before we came here in Canada, you heard my fears but your love reassured me a billion times that things will be okay. It wasn’t easy to adjust to all the changes but you took my hand and led me to where you know is BEST for me. I gladly followed because I know you will not put me where I’ll be harmed. The road you made me tread was bumpy at times but you were so ready to pick me up whenever I’d fall (both literally and figuratively). You made me walk on that road for me to learn valuable life lessons and even more so, not to lose hope and to just remain faithful to YOU. There were times I felt hopeless, tired, and broken but you reminded me of how great your love is in the little and simple blessings everyday. You kept mending my heart again and again. Once in a while, I would feel impatient, wanting to fast-forward everything so that I could accomplish my goals. I keep forgetting that you are also busy running the universe, that it might take a while for you to hear me out. But that’s okay, Lord. Everything happens in YOUR time, not mine. I have kept this Bible verse close to my heart, Lord, and it comes handy when I become impatient.


Thank you, Lord, for always reminding me that YOU are all I need and that all these, in this world, is fleeting. You are my rock and my soul shall remain anchored in your great love. I am blessed and I will tell the world of your greatness. Use me as an instrument, Lord, to help those who are in need that we may all glorify only your name.

Salamat sa lahat lahat, Panginoon. Si iyo ang lahat ng papuri!




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