I Got My Green Thumb From My Grandma

When we were kids and used to stay at my grandmother’s place, she did a lot of gardening in this wide empty lot across her home. During summer, my cousins and I would spend most of our days playing hide and seek, setting up our makeshift tents made up of dried coconut leaves, and foraging different kinds of fruits from the trees that my grandmother planted in the garden. There were guavas, banana, santol, duhat, guyabano, aratilis, etc. There were vegetables too like okra, eggplant, malunggay, saluyot, etc. If she’s lazy to go to the market to buy some vegetables, she will just make a trip to her little paradise and when she comes back home, her rattan basket is full! My grandmother liked keeping herself busy and gardening is her forte. I remembered her saying the last time I saw her before she passed away that she’s got hands that give life to anything she plants. Then I jokingly replied how I wished she’s got the hands of King Midas instead! LOL.

In primary school, I dreaded home economics time. I got traumatised after we were asked to grow cucumbers. After our first harvest as a class, my classmates brought home huge ones while I wasn’t able to bring home any because I had a hard growing them. Then, I never looked back. I thought, that’s it for me and gardening. I will be moving on. But who would have thought that after decades, here I am, enjoying as I watch these plants in our backyard grow everyday.  We have corn, runner beans, rhubarbs, tomatoes, cabbage, raddish, pepper, and different herbs too! My grandmother told me that for plants to grow healthily, you need to talk and sing to them! So yep, you can imagine a deranged-looking woman in the backyard talking to these plants while watering them every afternoon. But what the heck? I don’t mind as long as they grow healthily.

I thought of featuring them today because they deserve a round of applause after surviving the summer heat all day long. So, ladies and gentlemen, here are the stars of our backyard:

Runner Beans


Can you spot the sitsaro?




Red Hot Chili Peppper




Getting them ripe for salsa




Zea Mays




Basil (Valdez) 🙂 I know, lame. Keep scrolling down.




French Taragon








Whenever I miss my grandma, I would head down to our backyard and somehow through these plants, I feel calm and connected with her. She must be smiling down from heaven seeing me enjoy what she enjoyed the most.



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