Life is Worth Celebrating

Due to my very hectic work schedule the past few months, I found it too difficult to cope with my backlog for my blog. Celebration after celebration happened that I didn’t have the time to write about what transpired during our many ‘firsts’ in Toronto until today. Thanks to the ridiculous amount of chocolates we received during the holidays which I’ve OD’d on thus, the sugar rush… Hehe.

Sharing with all of you are some of our many ‘firsts’ here in Toronto.

We had fun celebrating our baby Ania’s Snoopy and Friends-themed first birthday party! 🙂


We also witnessed how the leaves transitioned from green to yellow to red during autumn. We took a stroll (while holding hands, hehe) at High Park one fine day, our first autumn together.


We also gobbled up during our very first Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.

We were not able to go trick or treating during Halloween but we sure had fun partying with these party people!

And of course, our very first Christmas in our tiny, cosy home

Looking forward to many more firsts this 2016! 🙂


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