My Favourite


I can write a million words about you

and let the whole world know the real you.

But it is in silence and quiet times your heart shines

all the more during hard, trying times.

You are the sugar to my coffee,

I’m the flower, you’re the bee.

My mustard to my ketchup,

I’m the comma, you’re my full stop.

Despite disagreeing on many things

we always end up complementing.

Your strengths, my weaknesses

Your weaknesses, my strengths.

On your birthday, please know

that you will always be my favourite, I love you.


One thought on “My Favourite

  1. Bella encomienda Putong says:

    Wow! Well said. A perfect blending of two lovers! A blessed , meaningful n joyous birthday! Make FOREVERMORE a reality by saying EVERYDAY I LOVE YOU.


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