Blessed and Loved


There are two reasons why I get mushy. One, whenever I feel down and blue. Two, when I’m overjoyed and couldn’t contain my emotions. Sounds like I’m a bipolar and my husband will totally agree when he reads this. Hehe. I’m writing this post because my heart is very jumpy and overflows with happiness and gratitude for the little and big things that we have been blessed with every single day. So, I started volunteering for this non-profit organisation that holds the annual Kindness Week in the Greater Toronto Area and we started off our meeting yesterday by individually expressing what we are thankful for. Thinking back, here are some of the things I’ve been extremely grateful for:

Time- looking at the brighter side of things, I sometimes get to think that the reason why God has not given me the right job yet is so that I can have time to make sure my husband is alright everyday especially when he started reporting for work three weeks ago, have time to volunteer and connect with people who have kind intentions for other people, have time to look for our own place and of course, have time to do the things I love doing like yoga, reading, movie marathoning, and eating! 🙂

Health- I suppose this is something that I always pray for every night particularly my parents’, families’ and our relatives’ health. I mean, we can all work like a dog and earn the money we’ve all worked hard for, but, what is wealth if we don’t get to enjoy it because the people we love are sick? I’m grateful too that despite the shifting temperatures we’ve experienced the past few weeks, my husband and I are perfectly fit and healthy.

Technology- It brings us closer to our family back in the Philippines. My parents know about Skype now and we’ve got Skype dates too. Whenever I feel blue, my mom can easily send me a private message on FB to check on me/us. I can easily contact my brothers too. It makes catching up with family and friends easy peasy.

Trying times- this is the time I can openly talk about the difficulties I’ve faced the past few weeks probably because I have already moved on and chose to look at the good side of what I experienced. I joined a company (I thought it would be for keeps), did the training for two days, signed the contract and found out that the company hired me for a position I didn’t even apply for. Anyway, I still carried on and did the field training. I toiled for 8 hours doing field work even if the weather was almost negative and went home drenched and soaked. Alberto told me not to go back to work the next day (even if I’d still want to give it another shot). Heartbroken, I didn’t go to work the next day and was stuck at home searching for a new job (again). I opted to see the good in this experience and by doing so and while typing this post, I’ve been called in by Philips Canada to report to work next Monday! *does the happy dance* Yay! Trying times hit you hard ’til you can’t take any more beating. Hold your ground. It’ll get tired eventually. When it’s done, get back up, dust yourself off (you wouldn’t want to be unpretty for a long time) and seize every opportunity that comes your way. There’s no way to go but up after a downfall, right?

Last, I thank the Lord for the friendships and relationships we have. We have a very strong support group. The kind of relationships that surround us inspires me to be grateful for the kind of relationship that I have with my husband.

Whether it’s a big or small blessing, let us always remind ourselves to begin each day with a grateful heart. What about you? What are you grateful for?


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