Throwback Thursday: Niagara Falls in the Summer

Hello there! Missed me? 🙂 Apologies for I have been so busy the past few weeks- new job, volunteering activities, and back to job hunting (again) that I have totally put blogging on the side. Since I haven’t shared anything recently, this is going to be a throwback post of our day trip to Niagara Falls. I wanted to write some random ramblings but nah… there’s so much negativity going on everyday so why add up? I want my readers to be inspired and feel good so I hope this post will prompt you to come and visit Canada one day and at the same time, visit us! We were blessed to have visited this famous landmark right on the border of Ontario, Canada and New York, USA during the summer with friends. It wasn’t that hot nor too cold the day we went to see this majestic falls. There are a lot of attractions in the area, a day spent in Niagara is going to be super worth it.

DSC03989 DSC03991 DSC03993 DSC03999 DSC04000 DSC04003 DSC04005 DSC04010 DSC04012 DSC04015 DSC04019 DSC04021 DSC04022 DSC04023 DSC04025 DSC04026 DSC04032 DSC04034 DSC04037 DSC04041 DSC04042DSC04046

We rode the Hornblower to see the falls up close. I almost chickened out. Red-coloured raincoats mean from Canada side, blue-colored ones mean from the US side.


that’s the bridge connecting US and Canada


these photos are courtesy of our good friends, Joy and Jonathan. 🙂 


Massive and powerful. 


Lunch with a view


We also went to a butterfly farm 


last group shot before heading back home



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