Canadian Summer

It’s almost the last leg of summer 2015 in Canada. Thank God we decided to come here during summertime for I have no idea how I’ll be able to adjust to the cold weather if we arrived during the winter season. Thank you, Mr Sun for trying hard to peep thru the clouds once in a while. This island girl appreciates it soooo much! Some nights, it gets very chilly. The lowest I’ve experienced so far is 12 degrees. I’ve exchanged some text messages with friends around the world and the first thing I’ll always complain about is the temperature. I tell them it’s 12 degrees and they all say, wait ’til you experience winter. Wow. It just makes me look forward to winter. Not!

We’re making the most out of this summer season before it gets too cold-when all we would want to do is cuddle in bed all day. Toronto is beautiful during summer. Picture this: flowers in full bloom, blue skies with clouds like cotton, green grass, neighbours walking their dogs every afternoon and parks filled with kids flying their kites. Aaaah… just like in the movies. Perf!

Alberto and I would spend most of our days sending out job applications since we arrived. Ironic how beautiful the weather is outside yet we stay at home. This.can’! I want to explore beautiful Toronto before it’s too late. So, where did our itchy feet bring us?

We spent our afternoons playing with these cutie patooties. We even spotted an eagle in the hood! 

DSC03701 DSC03702 DSC03704 DSC03705 DSC03706 DSC03766

DSC03700 DSC03708

Pear picking at Little Nate’s Backyard. The sweetest pears I’ve ever tasted! 

DSC03753 DSC03754 DSC03757 DSC03758 DSC03759 DSC03760 DSC03762 DSC03764

This cutie pie is sooooo badass! Gap Kids agents…ahem! Too adorbs!


Had an extreme dose of everything Filipino in Taste of Manila in Bathurst

Of course, Manny Pacquiao had to represent! DSC03715

Longganisa, Caldereta, Bicol Express, Puso ng Saging and the list goes on…


Thirst-quenching Pinoy drinks. Drooled over Buko Pandan and Sago Gulaman


BBQ, anyone? 


Better than Play-Doh’s! 🙂 

DSC03731 DSC03732

People from all walks of life were entertained by talented Filipinos in TorontoDSC03734 DSC03736

Bahay kubo, kahit munti.

DSC03738 DSC03739

I got a little bit confused if this is really a carabao.


Had a sumptuous lunch of pinakbet and pinapaitan with these gorgeous moms, Ate Jo, Ate Gie and Ate Mayette.


Take 2 sa Bahay Kubo. Manong couldn’t be bothered to step aside. Heehee.


The misters went fishing, the misses went food bingeing


Hubby went on his first fishing trip to Muskoka with the boys. He got dinner covered. The hard part was cleaning the catch of the day. 

IMG-20150831-WA0000 IMG-20150831-WA0002 IMG-20150831-WA0003

Fridate at The Royal Ontario Museum. This is just a teaser. I’ll write more about it in my future posts. 

DSC03770 DSC03784 DSC03785

Factory outlet shopping in Vaughan Mills

DSC03978 DSC03979 DSC03980

…and some Costco hoarding happened.

20150813_192542 20150813_192943 20150813_194152 20150813_204321

had to snap some shots with hubs and tita Chit before going home

20150813_204401 20150813_204425

Summer ain’t over yet and we are looking forward to more fun under the sun! Enjoy summer while it lasts! It’s the start of the -BER months and as the days get more gloomy and shorter, keep the light within you shining. Pass it on!


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