Why Wait? Don’t Procrastinate!

It’s been almost two months since we left Singapore last June and we’re kinda missin’ sunny Singapore already! I have got time to spare to copy/back-up/browse photos which bring back a lot of memories *fans my eyes*.

We were in Singapore for almost a decade and it was only during our last two months in Singapore that we started doing things, going places and spending quality time with friends. Our daily routine in Singapore was basically go to work and go home (most of the time) during weekdays. Weekends were spent doing household choresssssss (plural form to the nth level) and taking breaks once in a while. Boring, I know. Saturday nights spent at home doing movie marathons and watching TV shows reruns with popcorn, chips and some booze on the side is already a good weekend for us. Mababaw lang ang aming kaligayahan. As long as we get recharged for the following week, we’re all good.

We kept brushing off the idea to explore Singapore when we had the time. We came up with millions excuses not to. This e-card sums up my point.


Then, it hit us. We barely had time to do everything we wanted to do. Panic mode. How will we be able to fit in all the things we wanted to do in our busy work schedules plus all the packing that had to be done?!? Like what people say, if you don’t really want to do something, you can give a lot of excuses but if you really want to do it, you’ll find gazillion ways to do it. There’s no way we’d leave Singapore without doing what we’ve been wanting to do for so long-things that would make us happy and supposed to be doing. At least, hubby and I think alike. We took some days off from work and did some crazy and fun things. Two months left. Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Here are some of the things that kept us preoccupied, happy and sane during our last few months in Singapore.

We visited our first dog friend, Boyboy. We didn’t see him for 4 years and when he saw my husband again, he started to jump hysterically. An awwww moment. 


Afternoon picnic in the park with friends while we listened to an orchestra playing some classical music.




We spent a day in The River Safari Singapore to meet Kai Kai and Jia Jia, the huggable pandas!








We welcomed the koalas, too!


11313253_441054736069298_1294438990_n 11324937_925386740861108_18512183_n 11325457_1584482851810128_536050486_n 11353518_816237811823414_1487958226_n

We fed the elephants! 

10494689_10205206040924726_7875515754838861628_n 11096718_10205206087245884_7554380348739497965_n


We staycationed in Fullerton Hotel with our good friends!

14671_10205028367522724_3438921989339349538_n 11039846_10205027960152540_2656903270105612258_n 11182255_10205028364522649_7403261111513327609_n 11188378_10205028367242717_5555659999023482510_n 11204401_10205028364042637_2745302933208787053_n 11425071_10205218911206475_2010370222729671705_n

We had fun in Adventure Cove. In fact, we went twice! 

11390173_10205219349897442_7049711733294688356_n 11390262_10205219299696187_6768148481914470776_n

11403201_10205219307576384_4944958170588961142_n 11412109_10205219315176574_4082852249172953783_n


We also swam with the dolphins! I have always been fascinated with these creatures and there’s no greater feeling than being able to interact with them. 

11108339_10205212180398209_1915463327796921690_n 11412210_10205212042994774_3154999257559059740_n

Ate at Lau Pa Sat (hmmmm… satay and bbq stingray), walked all the way to City Hall and visited the New Capitol Centre with good, old friends

11252455_10205405961282610_9021138760856974487_n 11403438_10205405962402638_3805771715366510865_n

11665590_10205405963322661_2208659968481702611_n 11667488_10205405964802698_5003616406945353058_n

Spent an hour or two go-karting with friends

10171201_10155751717290607_664167114664853860_n 10402951_10155751718510607_7813657344814920588_n 10984096_10155751690600607_1635981998660237512_n 11168184_10155751731335607_3481925717635382379_n


Dined with people close to our hearts/our support group

11012197_10203164890523716_2450771369460180380_n 11204446_10203164130024704_4964099471351615413_n 10178127_10205427992193369_690469852435690400_n 11659356_10205509640954537_2996219475116884840_n


We also went back to Universal Studios and rode the gigantic roller coaster. One item off my bucket list. Here’s to more roller coaster rides! 

1908123_10205515630584274_4068385244883015059_n 1908123_10205515630704277_7769187395241247482_n 11146475_10205515648344718_6937555487472253364_n 11377421_846025688813235_1450204223_n 11698568_10205515574342868_434032989188687787_n 11698568_10205515574422870_8133883909328164631_n

We had so much fun in Trick Eye Museum too! 

11011784_10205513780938034_7405030330577053147_n 11011784_10205513781058037_5426676220463696941_n 11659372_10205509738916986_6555450604856614791_n 11667268_10205513794538374_6016549064072926855_n 11667268_10205513794618376_6016071895648658591_n 11694932_10205509782118066_440068554955853854_n 11698513_10205509716796433_4947492530934824469_n 11701071_10205513748337219_1865474825211164760_n 11701071_10205513748377220_5312925618742769312_n

Alberto and I worked like dogs for years in Singapore (not that we’re complaining) and we thought, why not spend our last night in Singapore in a very celebratory, posh way after all the packing we did for one whole month?!? Hashtag we deserve it. We agreed to spend a night in Marina Bay Sands Hotel before flying back home to the Philippines for good last June. Marina Bay Sands Hotel is the famous hotel with a ship-like structure on top of its three towers.

11335553_719188464851866_2120264346_n 11356530_685055831626528_727007132_n 11358132_698579523604835_1455727230_n 11377635_1605344306396398_1333663307_n 11380251_131894677143300_305325662_n 11386514_1731602750400404_1188502904_n 11425800_1455213558108497_1877739095_nDSC02680DSC02690DSC02691DSC02701DSC02710

some friends dropped by! 🙂 


…and of course, my fave caprese deserves a special mention


Our last dinner in Singapore. Must.be.Mozza. Tooo yummmeh!


If we weren’t running out of time, we could have done so much more. So, don’t wait til the last minute and get bogged down by work. Drop whatever you are doing now and start doing things that make you happy. Remember, a happy self makes one young and healthy. Life is too short to be anything but happy. 🙂 Sending you some good vibes before the week ends!


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